Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I love lipstick. My boyfriend doesn't

Yip, you talk about this a lot! At the makeup counter, with your friends, to your makeup artist... Everywhere! It's heartbreaking. 

Well, maybe not "HEARTBREAKING" but for makeup artists, makeup creators, and makeup lovers... it's... Heartbreaking! The thing is, you love makeup, and the way lipstick (or lipgloss) makes everything come together; especially when you make all that effort to look good, and feel good about yourself. 

We can agree that Girls rituals should remain girls rituals (and and be appreciated by the guy). Your man shouldn't stop kissing you because of lipsticks. If you're wearing a bold colour for a night event... Well, thats not the time to smudge your lipstick. Invite him to give you a quick one and wait until you get home. If you wear a bright bold red lipstick or gloss before "Doing the deed" just make sure he's into that "scene". Anyway, I digress. Wear your lipstick or gloss because you love it and perhaps it looks great as a finish look; not because your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, or someone else likes it or not like it. That's not what lipsticks are made for. "The only compromise you should make for your man or the person in your life, when it comes to your lipstick is the Colour."

If you're not a lipstick or lip colour girl (or guy), then we love you for that too. Just ensure that your lips are moisturised and not chapped. This is a universal NO NO!

What do you think? I just thought to throw this in there... LOL! Light-hearted, of course. I'm just speaking FOR the "girls" and women. "It's Okay if he wants to run your lipstick... but not okay if he asks you not to wear any."

Let me know your thought...


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