Friday, September 2, 2011

How To Get A Complete Look In 5 Minutes

Hi all.

Today I will be writing about the 5 minutes makeup. Yes, 5 minutes :-)

I remember when I started as a makeup artist, I would normally use minimum of 45 minutes to beat a face. Mind you, I still do. if not even more. However, I have now mastered the 'Art of the basics' and I am here today to share with you how to achieve the professional look with the available makeup products in your makeup bag and still look amazing. All you need is your 'Foundation, Powder, Bronzer, Mascara, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Eyebrow pencil, Lipstick and  2 or 3 brushes and you're good to GO!

So, lets do this!

I will assume you already have applied your moisturizer, then...

(1) Apply your foundation, with either your sponge or foundation brush but if you are in a situation when you don't have a either of those. Then, you are very very welcome to use your hands. Yes, I find using my hands to apply foundation actually works amazingly well, as it blends very well with your natural warmth that your hands produces. Take your first few minutes here to really blend the your foundation as you want to look as uniformed as possible and blot with your powder.

(2)Fill-in your eyebrows with your eyebrow pencil with light strokes, this is just to enhance your brows. If you have a matte eyeshadow the shade of your brow pencil, feel free to do the same. Some like pencils, some like powder, I like both.

(3) Take your Bronzer with your blusher brush, start from your forehead, then to your cheeks for contouring. I just go to the forehead and paint a number '3'. I think its the best way to achieve the best contour, and its less complicated. :-)

(4)Use the same bronzer and apply as eyeshadow on your eye lid, and blend up to your crease, then highlight your brow-bone with with a lighter eyeshadow that can blend into the bronzer on your eyelid without over-powering it.

(5) Line the top of your eyes with a dark coloured eyeliner (depending on how dark you like your liner to look) and just go over your bottom lash line with the bronzer on your eye-lid. A quick 3 coats of mascara.

(6) Finish up the look with your prefered lip gloss or lipstick and tad aaaa... YOU'RE A DONE!

Give this a try and let me know how it went.

PS: If your eyes are soft... Punch it up with a bright looking lip colour. Strong eyes... Soft lips. If you like to go all out.. Well, you know what to do :-)



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