Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sparkles: Radcollins Makeup and Champagne Event


Sorry for such long break! I moved to the Philippines! Will tell you all about this gorgeous place and the beauty industry here in another post. For now... This is what I did in my few weeks here.

One week ago, I hosted a makeup event that I am proud to say that 100% of the proceeds went to a young lady who is Physically and Financially challenged. For me, It was fun all round. I did everything that I enjoyed doing: Drank a glass of champagne, taught women of different ages who to look good for themselves and their loved ones, and donated to charity.

Here are some of the images from the event. This time was cozy, intimate (Eww, get your minds out the gutters!), and a good start of something that I hope to do more of, and hopefully make if bigger and bigger! There shall always be Alcohol... LOL! But most importantly, every person who attends will leave with a boost of         self-confidence, and the ability to wear your own makeup. Every woman present on that day called (the next day) to ask what product I used, All the products I used in my demo, and my model (a 'no-makeup for me' beauty) now wears makeup. This is the power of customising an experience and makeup that suits an individual.

All in all... A successful event.

Feel free to comment on what products I had used, or anything else you might like to share or know.

Look out for many more, with more sparkles in glasses, eyes and face.

Take care now,




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