Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Prince William's fiancée Kate Middleton said she was daunted but happy to be marrying into Britain's royal family next year after he proposed, offering her his late mother Diana's engagement ring.

The couple will marry in London next year in what will be Britain's biggest royal wedding since his parents Prince Charles and the then Lady Diana Spencer married at St Paul's Cathedral in July 1981.

William said giving Kate the ring "was my way of making sure that my mother didn't miss out on today and the excitement and the fact that we're going to spend the rest of our lives together."

William's brother Prince Harry said in a statement he was "delighted that my brother has popped the question. It means I get a sister, which I have always wanted."

Kate's father was an airline steward and later became a flight dispatcher while her mother was an air stewardess before moving into the children's party business.

Messages of congratulation began to arrive from other parts of the Commonwealth.

"On behalf of all Canadians, I wish to congratulate His Royal Highness Prince William," Prime Minister Stephen Harper said in a statement.

"It would be an honour to welcome Prince William and his bride to Canada in the future."
Governor-General Quentin Bryce, the queen's representative in Australia, said the news had "warmed our nation’s heart".

And message from the office of New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said he was "delighted."
"The prime minister says Prince William is a fine young man who made a great impression when he visited New Zealand in January," a spokesman said.

My input:

It must be an amazing journey for the couple. After being together, break-ups, and coming back together again... Well, What can I say? She is just as humble as her soon to be husband.

To the rest of us who are not from a Royal family... Well, lets just hope that who ever we fall in love with will be the Prince or Princess of our heart. Who knows, maybe Kate once had a dream of a prince.


Monday, November 15, 2010

EditLife, Success, Pain, Love, and everything in between

Since this is my first post, I thought it would be nice to paste my first writing because it brought me so much peace and I was able to understand the art of letting-go and finding inner peace... I hope it works for you as it did me.
I went out today with my brothers and what I discovered is beyond a lot of people's way of thinking.

After a long time, I allowed my self to go into the crowd in order to truely see what life is like outside what what my understading or definition is... Usually, I am the very reserved type who just want to stay away and smile but for some reason... Today was different and I finally realise that... There is so much to life and the moment we find inner peace and instead of being "Anti" anything that we don't want... Maybe our world would be a better place if we become "Pro" that which we do want.

LIFE... We are as happy as exposed... I met different men from 30 to 50 years of age and it wowed me at what makes us happy as humans... 50 percent of the crowd were money rich men who believed in a certain philosophy of happiness... It was in a bar with many people drinking... Some drank a lot of beer worth 60 percent of some people's salary but to my shock they looked like men who have not had a cent before... I asked some men at the bar if they were happy and YES they replied and out of curiosity I asked "why" because in my mind I saw them as poor but the answer they gave me was amazing...

Mr. Nnamdi said, I have a lovely wife, a beautiful daughter, a business that is flourishing, and a girlfriend that makes me laugh... It came as a shock to me the way he mentioned the "girlfriend" word like it was the most normal thing to do in the world as a married man... But in the end... He was Happy... So, I said.. "Ok" and moved forward.

Mr Chuks said... Well... I make money and can spend it when I want to so it makes me happy because it is not easiest to do in this country...

A man to my right said... Yes I am happy... I have finished a lot of beers now and it makes me happy because by the time I get home, I'd be too tired to listen to my nagging wife.

Hmmm... I said to myself, these guys really look happy... With such little accomplishment... Why am I not happy? Then it dawned on me that that as human... The amount of happiness we feel in our lifetime is simply the amount of "want" that we have... These men looked and sounded very happy today... But are they truly happy people without the bottles of beer? Does the word "Happy" truly mean the same thing to everybody?

SUCCESS... What do we understand by this word? I have met different people in this country and it is disappointing the answers they give when you ask them what the meaning of success is...
Listen to their answers that I have heard from different people over time: I want to be a Rich man, I want to be able to do whatever I want, I want to be able to kick asses when I want to, I want to be like someone really wealthy. Hmmm... Truly, not a lot of people die successful... A lot of men die RICH but not SUCCESSFUL... Most of them get carried away by the things of this world but let me try and explain... SUCCESS according to a good book is... KNOWING YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE, GROWING TO REACH YOUR MAXIMUM POTENTIAL, AND SOWING SEEDS THAT BENEFITS OTHERS. Now thinking deep about this, it makes the meaning of Success clearer... Indeed, A lot of people die rich but not everyone discover their purpose in life. Which means... Some rich people are remembered for their money and sometimes Fame.. But Successful people are remembered for their Existence!

LOVE... So misinterpreted especially to the human race... So divine its power that a lot of people die without knowing the meaning of it... So now... What is love? The true answer is... NO ANSWER! It differs from people to people... Everybody gets a chance to experience it but not everyone hold on to it till eternity... As human, the truth is... The only people who get the chance to experience real love are the ones who have so Selfless... Like JESUS or GOD or WHATEVER GREATER POWER WE KNOW... Love is so free that it takes itself away when people place a price tag on it.

PAIN... How does it begin...? It goes hand in hand with LOVE... The lose of love brings all pain in the world but the gain of Love takes it all away... But the difference is... We cannot prevent or control who and what we love. If we want to think deep about Life, Pain and Love we might just realize how selfish we are... E.g.. Pain... When we loose someone we love either by Romance or death... We get consumed with ourselves... Well... Its human nature, but why do we inflict pain on ourselves when a mother, brother, or any loved one dies after a long time of earthly pain? Do we for a second stop to put ourselves in their shoes to imagine the pains they were fighting? Do we give ourselves a chance to feel the inner peace of knowing that they have gone to a place where no pain exists, even if we miss them so much. Or Romance... Say someone breaks up with us... Damn, I know the feeling... Sometimes they leave due to our faults, or circumstances, or their own selfishness... Hmmm, I cant put my hands around this but... Do we for a second remember that no one is perfect? No..I cant do anything here as being selfish is no reason to loose someone to. Lets carry on...

BEAUTY... To me beauty is a very special gift that most importantly comes from the inside... Damn I feel so good when now and then people walk up to me and say "You are handsome", "You are hot" and all these compliment :-)... Many times you see me, I'm either standing by the Mirror posing and making faces, making sure I don't have my beard showing and a lot of people call me vain, but the truth is... No one really know the reflection that I'm seeing... Most of the time I look in the mirror I say to myself... Damn, My right eye looks so different from the left or Wow... I still have not bought the car I thought I would at age 20, or If I am as good looking as people say I am, Why am I still single? But in honesty... Physical beauty is just a thing you have "Nothing more, Nothing less". The most important is the beauty you possess on the inside... Physical or Facial beauty fades out in time, Friends will get use to it that it becomes invisible. If it is all you have... What then is left if it is taken from you? My point is... You want to feel beautiful? Why not try and make someone else feel so special and beautiful and see the way you'll feel about yourself.

ME (Collins)...
I come from the most humble home and with a lot of fighting, I have managed to overcome a lot of barriers, hurt and pain... I have been through a lot of thing that I am not proud of... I have been through it all... ABUSE BY FATHER, MOLESTATION, POVERTY, SICK MOTHER, EMBARRASSING MOMENTS, FEAR AND TREATMENTS THAT GAVE ME A LOW SELF ESTEEM. But the truth is... I may not at my age be the Richest, Classiest, Finest, or Most intelligent... But I can say I AM SUCCESSFUL! I may not be among the people who will die a rich man or famous man, but I can say that I will surely die a Fulfilled man. Why do i have so much belief? Well... I know my calling, and I have managed to touch the few lives that I have come across in one way or the other... I have built self worth from my pains and set a standard for myself that have grown beyond the flesh...

I am not perfect! Will never be... I am Human... Just like everyone else...

I've experienced Heartbreak in Romance and Family.... A lot of people I have loved had not loved me in return and A lot of people that loved me and I may not have loved back but it doesn't end my life... It made me stronger and wiser,

TODAY... I met my step brother for a drink and everything started from there... I realized that... Friends are wonderful, Loving, and all that... BUT only a brother, sister, family will either HATE you or LOVE you Period!!! I never missed anyone in my family... But this SUNDAY... When all friends had disappeared.... They came to rescue my soul... I laughed, Gossiped, and Talked about old times... And in the end... My Step brother Stanley, hugged me and said.. I LOVE YOU!!! It came as a surprise to me as it felt so real and its been a while since i heard a real I LOVE YOU!!

In Conclusion... To my father... I do not like you at all... But, you kept me in your care and fed me and hit me, and cursed me and tied me up, hit mom in my presence, and accepted me for who i am even if other parents thinks otherwise and you took me to the hospital when i was ill, Today i am saying...I set you free as it will help me set myself free, although the past you gave me has made me lost a few love in my life because just like mom I never believed they loved me enough, or were not cheating on me even though they tried to prove their love to me everyday, so in the end they got fed up and left... But I FORGIVE YOU because in that way... You have no power over me anymore.

To those whose heart I have broken... I'm deeply sorry... I know I may not have liked what you did... But I feel really sorry for having forgiving someone else for the same thing you did because I loved them more.

To those who have broken my heart... I forgive you... I know you would have stayed if I had made you any happier.

To those who love me without my knowing... I love you too... It is all I can say until I truly see it.

To my mother and Siblings... I know I forget about you each time I fall in love with someone else... But... I want you to know that... Only you have truly loved me and I love you too and as always will try my best to prove this word everyday.

To GOD... I have done nothing to make you happy.... Hell, I have not been to church for 2 years now But you gave love so much that at my age I recently had my heart broken but the love you gave me each day is enough to move on and continue sharing... I love you

And to my future... Please continue to make me strong, that in the end... I will not disappoint you.

I am happy... Even though the road is long, complicated and indifferent... I AM HAPPY and will continue to be there for anybody that needs me and I hope that the world will always find a friend in me... Even if we have not met before.
Just like the famous song... "In a distance, we all look like friends"
Forgive, Let go, Be forgiven, and forgive yourself.




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