Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sexy Valentines Makeup

Hello Lovers!!!

Here is a quick guide to achieving that super sexy makeup for your date tonight. I will be suggesting mostly MAC cosmetics products. You can however grab a similar shade from other brands if you do not have it in MAC. I am going to assume you have applied your necessary base. Prep + Prime, Strobe liquid, Foundation, Concealers and powder. Now lets go to Eyes, Lips and Cheeks.

For your eyes today... I suggest SUPER NUDE! Please avoid the voices in your head, telling you to Red-It-All-Up. Too cliche, Too much! Grab your MAC paint-pot in "Painterly" and apply on your eyelid with your 217 Brush. Blend upwards, and sweep through what is left on your brush over your brow-bone till you have achieved a nice base and wash of colour. Then grab your MAC eyeshadow in "Dazzlelight" and apply to your eyelid. Blend till desired intensity (remember... NUDE). Then apply a bit of "Naked Lunch" on your crease, and blend to bring definition to your eyes. Now, here is where you want to HAWT FACTOR to be... LOADS OF MASCARA! Don't be shy here. You want your lashes to do the flirting. But please don't over-do-it. Take your time. Apply COATS of mascaras, let each application dry up a little before the next. With the tip of your mascara brush, separate your lashes by turning 3 into 1 (or 2 in 1 if you have fewer lashes), and do the same with your bottom lashes. Now grab that purple eyeliner you've been keeping away and line your lower lash-line. (This should be done before your final coat of mascara)

Lips: Grab your MAC in Ruby-woo and define your lips with those baby! This is such a fun Red colour without the fuss. and finally... Use your MAC blush in "Margin" and soften up your face. The glowy effect of this blush will give your that dreamy look and your lips will give your that Slutty, oops, Sultry factor! Don't wanna go RED? Also fine... Just colour those lips up!

Be daring... Don't be shy... It's your night!
Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

5 Minutes Makeup Tips For Working Moms

Wondering how to do your makeup in 5 minutes without skipping the vava-voom effect? Simple! Juggling between breakfast for your kids, catching up with work time, and other tasks that comes with morning before starting your day? Here are the necessary products and tips you need to put your face on in 5 minutes.

Tinted Moisturizer: This spreads on easier and quicker and all you need are your hands. Foundation will require tools and snatch some useful time due to blending and getting the right finish. Put some Tinted moisturizer on your hands and apply on your face. If you have spots that you feel is important to cover, grab your concealer, cover up the areas that is need and you're done with your base.

Blush: Apply blush to the apple of your cheeks with your ring finger. Do this until you've achieved the desired intensity.

Pencil: Take a soft Black or Dark Brown eye pencil and apply to your lower lash-line and blend with your finger. Gently pull out the outer corner of your eyelid. draw a line and connect it to your lower lash-line. Smudge this for a nice and defined round or winged effect. (remember to clean your hands so your don't stain your base) DON'T FORGET YOUR EYEBROWS :-)

Mascara: Apply your first coat of black mascara on your eye, move to the next, while the other dries up. Then come back for a second coat. This gives a fuller effect.

Lips: Since your eyes will look pretty simply. I advise your go for a lips colour that is a tad deeper in shade. If you prefer your lips to be pretty nude, go for just one to two shades deeper than normal. But if you don't mind a Red, Pink, Purple lips colour and if it is appropriate for your kind of work. Then, I say go for it. This will make your overall look pop. Dust your face with your blot / sheer powder and TADA... You're done, baby!

Have a good day at work!


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