Sunday, January 26, 2014

MAC cosmetics: The product that does it all. (Well, almost)

FIX+; a spritz of vitamin minerals, infused with a calm skin blend of green tea, Chamomile, Cucumber, with a scent of Sugi. This amazing MAC cult product product is the secret of the dewy, beautifully hydrated looking skin of most MAC artists. What I love about this products is its amazing power to do-it-all. Its great to take to the beach as it soothes the skin when you're hot or got a burn from lieing in the sun. (You know that happens a lot). Also, for moms... Ever wished you had a product that could calm your skin after a stove burn? Well, MAC cosmetics Fix+ is the one products that Keeps makeup, Soothes skin, Hydrates your skin, and can also turn your full coverage foundation to a medium coverage. Definitely worth every penny, Give it a try.

Go to for more information and other fantastic products.


Monday, January 6, 2014

Hello everyone... It's been a Long time since I blogged about anything. This is because I recently joined forced with the MAC team and boy has it been taking a lot of my time?! But I love it! Today I want to invite you visitors and followers from Cape Town, South Africa to the "MAC Hey, Sailor" event that will be happening on the 30th, 31st of May and 1st of June. The MAC events team will be available to transform nd bring out the inner "pinup girl" in you. Plan a date, party with the man in your life and unleash that "Cabin boy" fantasy you've always wanted your man, or guy friends to be. Make up demos starts from 10am to 6pm. Products from the "Hey, Sailor" collection will be used combined with other amazing MAC goodies! Welcome aboard, girls... And guys... You know who you are! Remember MAC celebrates "All ages, All races, and all Sexs". Bring it on! This is gonna be fun! Readers from other countries... I'm sure the event has already taken place. If sadly this is not going to be happening in your area... Well... Look out for my next post. Loads of makeup advice coming up and I do have some goodies to give away! A lot. Have your eyes one and get your friends to look out. I am back! Thanks for reading this post! See you now now. J'Adore, #RadcollinsMUA


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