Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Cheeky Girl Makeup Tips

Hello everyone!I am BACK!

I apologise for taking this long to blog. Busy, Busy! But hey, I'm back, so let's get this show on the road!Today, I want to talk about creating the perfect "'Cheeky' Girl Makeup."

I have been paying attention to girls and how they express their personalities through their makeup application. Today, I want to make yours a little different by adding the "Cheeky Touch." What is HOT now? Hard to decide... However, I can tell you that there is a battle between the Matte and Dewy. Whatever your preference is... I am 100% behind you. Like "Sam Fine" will say... "Makeup is about personality, and this is going to be different from one person to another." -

I am going to assume you already know what perfect foundation gives you the perfect matte finish, or what highlighter delivers the perfect glow or dewy finish that makes you feel like the real-ness. Now, let's pick where you like your attention to be on; Eyes? Lips? I Love!

EYES: Your best friend here is... "False Lashes!" Now, let's not go too crazy... Shop for one that when straightened will give you a nice catchy' flirty eyes, and when curled or bent will take your on a "Retro Train." Then remember your bottom lashes. Try MAC cosmetics mascara in "Haute & Naughty", sweep it upwards, mating it with your false lashes and natural lashes then finish it up by adding it to your bottom lashes. With your mascara brush, attach 2 together and separate them so they go from thick on the lash line to thin on the tip. Eyeshadow? Think Pearly. Sweep it on your eye lid and blend upwards. This gives your lashes power and remember what they say about the eyes? No? Ask me! :)

LIPS: Screw the gloss! Go Matte! Or Retro Matte! Too dry for you? Go for something in between! Like Satin. Dust your concealer over your lips for a clear pallet, grab a nice long wearing pencil, sculpt a kick ass shape on your lips, blend with the pencil as a base. Now, use your matte lipstick to perfect a consistent colour intensity. Open your mouth and ensure you have the right amount of colour on the inner corners of your lips. Nothing beats a nicely sculpted lip! You know what they say about a beautifully defined lip? Ask me! That's it from me...



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