Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sexiest Fragrance: Escentric Molecules - Molecule 01 & 02

This is the fragrance that the world has been waiting for. Start turning heads with this amazing “effect” in a bottle.

There is surely a catch when someone walks up to you and says "WOW, you smell amazing"!
This fragrance oozes a lot of sex-appeal. It is also Germany; France and London's most talked about fragrance because it surely will get you noticed and boost your personal magnetism to unbelievable evels.

I am writing this today as a way of bring awareness to this amazing beauty also known as "Cult" Escentric Molecules. Containing only Iso E Super, which on its own is less of an aroma, more an effect. Notice the 'velvet' like sensation and the impact it has on other people as the subtle fragrance vanishes then re-appears.

I look forward to the day that this fragrance will be introduced to the South African market.

Get it, Smell it, Live in it!

I know I can't wait for my next bottle.


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