Monday, March 28, 2011

How to Say it all with your makeup Application Vs. Aging

Today I want to talk about makeup application vs. ageing. It doesn’t matter if you are a male or a female, when it comes to applying makeup it is wise to have at the back of your mind that makeup is about "Enhancement" this is why over doing it can look terribly you 15 or 50 years off age.

Have you ever seen a young girl of 15 with heavily applied makeup? Or a woman of 50 with heavily applied makeup? Well, I have and it doesn't look very nice. Applying a lot of makeup when you are so young can make you look even older; and the same goes for an older woman who applies a lot of makeup, this is sure to add 10 extra years to your face and not so good pushing that far when you're not there yet. So, now I am going to show you the "Don't and the "Dos" of the right makeup for the right age.

Lets begin, shall we?
                              OLDER:   "DON'T"

This makeup right here is "ALL WRONG"! Adding layers of dark shadow on your eyes only brings attention to the wrinkles and what are also very bad are layers and layers of foundation. Believe me; less is so much more when it comes to makeup and mature women. The thing about getting older is that the skin looses its elasticity and lines start to show which makes piling up foundation on your face only going to make it crack like the icing on a cake.
                             "DO" THIS INSTEAD"

First get the right shade foundation that works for you and is not too different from your natural skin tone. Go very light handed with the eyebrow pencil/powder as you are not necessarily drawing. All you want to achieve is to "Enhance" that which you already have. The eye shadow must be natural as this opens up your eyes and gives you a flowy complexion and PLEASE DO AVOID SHIMMER ON THE EYE! Then finish up with the lips. I like to use the lips as a way of bringing attention to the face. Believe me, this works like a charm. 1 pop of colour is most of the times enough for mature women!
                                 "YOUNGER": DON'T
OK! This is just "ALL WRONG"! Everything on her face is just screaming colour! The lip liner is too obvious, she definitely is blushing, and it shows, and she really is going "Green" with the eyes. This makes you not really see how beautiful this girl is and thanks to all the flashes of colour on her face... All I can say is, this too much makeup on her made her look like "SHE IS SCARED" or ABOUT TO CRY!
                           "DO" THIS INSTEAD

The advantages of being younger is that your face is very much the perfect canvas for creating the look you desire if you don't over-do it. Play with shimmer, blusher and mascara but avoid swimming in the bronzer! Sculpt your eyebrows, play with natural colours for highlighting your brow bone, dive in the mascara while avoiding those extremely long lashes and please if you are not sure of what to use... Ask for the help of professionals, visit a good representative counter, yes, there is a MACCOSMETICS counter in almost every city or country but if you can't find any... Please ask top professionals on twitter like @SamFineBeauty, @Makeupbymario for makeup tips and advice.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you again soon!


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