Monday, January 9, 2012

Makeup Tips For Teens: Selena Gomez & Kendall Jenner

In today's world of "Reality TV, Teen heartthrob, Pretty little liars, Gossip girls, and super artistic videos by teenage super stars. It is very easy to completely get lost in the 'very unrealistic' world of 'What she is wearing, what makeup she has on, and how she did that lips of eyeliner that really made her look super rad in that music video or something in that scene. :-). Yea, I know... I have a sister and it is really not easy pointing her in the direction that will save her from potentially causing harm to her skin due to tons of makeup, trying to look as awesome as Selena Gomez, Kyle and Kendall Jenner, or like the coolest girl in school.

This brings me to my topic of the day. I want to use this medium to say... Most of these teen superstars that look super cool in videos, only do so because of the recent artistic trend in Hollywood parties, or video making. Hell, some of them don't even like looking the way they do (However RAD,) but are forced to do so because it is what the Director / Producer wants, or Lady gaga looked really 'Out there' and it brought a lot of attention. To save your time... What is the reason for this post? Simple! To bring to your attention that the 'Super cool', love on the lips, really long cat-eye makeup, and overly applied concealer that you see on the faces of your favourite TV stars, is not what they wear in real life. To make you understand better... Why is it that most celebrities barely have makeup on when their pictures are taken on the streets on a normal day? They don't like wearing makeup and it is the same for young models.

I know you must be thinking "Please, he is just not cool, or doesn't understand what it is like to be in the company of so and so... Well, catch this.... I am not that much older than you and I have had someone tell me that my then 'very cool hairstyle' was not very good. As a makeup artist, I want tell you what you should avoid, and what you should do when it comes to applying your makeup.

You have so much going for you now. Your uniformed complexion, your healthy looking eyes, and your skin elasticity is still in business :-) However, you have the power to either destroy or maintain this goodies for a very long time by avoiding too much makeup application and applying the right habit now as what you feed your skin today, will help you when you are much older. That said, I know there are some teens who have pretty tough skin issues like I did when I was a teenager. (Yes, I'm a guy and I don't wear makeup) But it doesn't change the fact that we all have different times in our lives when our skin issues arises. Some people just happen to have them when they are much younger and it disappears over time and Vice Versa. Now, here are photos of what you think is cool due to what you've seen in videos and what is really the right thing that Selena Gomez, Kyle and Kendal Jenner, and other teens actually do in real life with their makeup.

1. If you have a youthful, clear skin. All you need is a tinted moisturizer to help even out your complexion even more. You really don't need the heave stuff as the more layers of foundation you have on, the more older you look and "Older is only cool when you are older" Trust me on this.

VIDEO: Selena Gomez
This makeup is very creative, and out there when she had it on for that special occasion and I know some girls tried this look (or some are still planning on trying it soon). However, she doesn't wear her makeup like this in her daily life. Why? Simply because she doesn't need to.

REAL LIFE: Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez
Clean, youthful, and ageless... This is the image she prefers the world to see. Her personality, and charm shinning through, instead of her makeup. To achieve this look: If you have a clear skin, all you want to do is apply a tinted moisturizer your shade and to cover up any unevenness, a blot powder, and highlighter. If you have dark spots on your face that you feel the need to cover. Darling, you simply need a concealer to apply on the exact part of your face that needs coverage, blend into your foundation and you are good to go.

PHOTO SHOOT: Kendal Jenner
This photo is for advertising, and the eye makeup is done for the camera to capture the concept of the shoot. As a makeup artist, I can point out to you, the twist of this makeup look. She's got dark dark eyes with a very nude lips to balance the palette. Some girls will get this one Very, Very wrong! Can you imagine her with with a dark shade of lips stick added to that eye??? WRONG! Especially not for a beach shoot.

REAL LIFE: Kendal Jenner

True, this is not exactly her in real life, but I use this photo to give you an idea of how it should be done should you want a bolder eye, and lips. Notice how her foundation is clean, and not much bronzer. For this look. Use a white, or nude tone eye pencil to line your water line. A slight touch of eyeshadow, either brown, or even your dark bronzer. This is just to give your eye a healthy glow. And for your upper lid. Gently pull out the outer part of your eyelid, damp your eyeliner brush (not WET) and slide it in your black eyeshadow, Then apply across your upper eyelid. This helps define your line and prevent that not so nice creamy looking line. If you feel like its too drawn on and you want a more blended look. With your blending brush, take a little powder, starting from your brow bone, blend down to the tip (where the line is showing) and smudge it a little. Then add mascara but avoid it clamping by running it over a tissue paper to remove the excess.

Finally, remember... all you want is a healthy look. Your youthful looking skin is doing all the talking for you and you really do not need tons of makeup to show how cool you are. If there is one thing I know about being cool... it will be that "Being cool is not always about what you wear, or how much makeup you have on. Being cool is about carriage. This is why even the girl who doesn't have expensive clothes still manages to be cool because of the way she carries herself and the confidence she exudes.

Thank you so much for reading. Pass this on to your friends or daughters and please come back soon.



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