Saturday, January 21, 2012

Flirty Weekend: Kim Kardashian Makeup. The Bright Lips

Whatever plans you have for this weekend, be it visiting friends, dinner date, or doing it for the first time with a guy you've been dating and want you wake up looking fresh. Yes, this is not the time for "Love me for what I look like." I'm sure he does... Just... Not the first time of doing "IT". You are allowed to go crazy on the second, third, and forever time. For now... You gotta fake it, till you nail it! (If you know what I mean. So, lets start with...

Girls weekend look:
This look is super easy. Girls weekend should be super easy, casual, window (or actual shopping), and lots of gossip. Here all you need are the basics. Foundation: (For flawless finish), Eyebrows: (Super light strokes to frame the face), Mascara: (To open up the eyes and add that touch of freshness. Remember your bottom lashes), Blush: (To give your face the necessary glow. also to prevent you from looking pale. This should be a super easy application on the apples of your cheeks and whatever is left on your brush, write a "3" with it on your face) and LIPSTICK / GLOSS: (Pop of colour on your lips. This will bring everything together and complement your nude application that something extra)

Dinner Date:
So, since this is going to be at night... You want this look to do the flirting for you while you work backstage, e.g. "The duck pout", "The winking", and being shy for no reason. LOL! Lets focus here on the Eyes and the Lips. Eyes for loads of blinking, and Lips for biting. After a really defined eyebrows that doesn't look too drawn on (Remember, your eyebrows mustn't look too different from your actual hair colour). Now, think "Kim Kardashian" use a champagne eye shadow with shimmer on your eyelid and a dark shade (Brown or black or DEEP purple in Matte) on your crease. Use a clean brush and blend the edges. Now, apply tons of mascara. Let your first application dry off and then apply the second and do the same for the third time. Apply a touch of the champagne eye shadow to the inner corned of your eyes and use what is left in your dark eye shadow brush and swipe it through the bottom of your eyes. Go all out here on your choice of lip colour. I say the deeper the colour, the better. Use a colour that is rich, but also doesn't completely seal up your actual lip texture as you want your date to be able to think about kissing YOU and not your LIPSTICK or GLOSS. Visit your favourite makeup counter to get a colour that complements you. Finally...

Bedroom Look:
This look should be super easy. The aim here is to look fresh, and not a different person from last night. I suggest foundation is not necessary here. Skip it if your skin is a clear or no much spot. Otherwise, just apply concealer on places that you really need it. Then your eyes... Use a light touch of gold shadow (Think MAC shadow in Romp); all you need here is a tiny application for glow. Apply across your eyelid and bottom of your eyes. Clear mascara, and lip balm or clear gloss and you are ready for the Morning After. Hey... Don't forget breath mint.

Have a Super Rad Weekend! And please remember to let me know how it all went down. LOL!
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