Friday, April 8, 2011

Look Hot This Weekend: Megan Fox

Megan Fox is a fierce lady with one of the most beautiful eyes EVER! So, this alone singled her out as almost every makeup artist's dream. Megan most of the time goes for 1 (one) colour gown and the gives it that punch with her makeup by either a deep red lips or a sexy smoky eye which makes you think of a "Black Sea" LOL! So, for this reason... She is my makeup inspiration to you for this weekend.

(1st Process) Start with a "Traditional cream foundation" for an all-round matte look, a hint of peach colour blush, a natural shade of lipstick and top it up with gloss. Keeping face and lips Au Naturale. :-)

(2nd Process) Use a shimmery, champagne shadow on your lid as well as highlighter or here you can use your foundation on your brow-bone and blend it down your shadow

(3rd Process) Go fierce with your eyeliner I recommend SEPHORA KHOL WATERPROOF EYELINER because it can be smudged beautifully and last all day and it’s so easy to control. To get Megan's look, apply it very close to your lash line and smudge it all the way out, don’t do it once-off. "Build Gradually!" then finally use the same shimmery eyeshadow and place a dot on top and below the inner corner of your eyes and JUST LIKE THAT, YOU HAVE YOUR STUNNING MEGAN INSPIRED LOOK!

Hey, Don't forget about her very naturally defined eyebrows :-)



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