Thursday, May 29, 2014

Celebrity Hair Tip: Get Great Looking Hair with Beer

OKAY! So, I went to a bar few nights ago, and around the bar were ladies with great looking hair - Short hair, Long hair, Super long hair, but the scene was crowded with ladies with super long hair. I thought, I gotta ask, I gotta ask. Because I can be pretty shy around people and mostly just smile to smiley people (LOL). I was able to attract a "Very smiley face" and I thought YES! This is it.

I'm gonna call her 'Lady X' because I did not even ask for her name. Naughty ME!

I walked up to LadyX and her friends and wispered in a pretty high tone due to the loud music. This is how it went...

Radcollins: I LOVE your hair! How do you keep your hair looking So GOOD?

LadyX: Oh, you're so sweet! Its Beer!

We: both laughed, and I replied, Yea, the beer I know gives long belly.

LadyX: laughed and said, honey, I don't drink beer. I'm a cocktail girl. I condition my hair with Beer. I soak my hair in a cup of beer, I cover it up for about 15 minutes, and then rinse off. It works!

Radcollins: In surprise, I asked, - How did you find out about this tip? Surely you must smell like beer, which is a smell that guys appreciate in themselves only. LOL!

LadyX: A friend of mine taught me when I was in college, she replied-  and I have kept this tradition ever since. PS: I did it before I left home tonight. Do I smell like beer? I said No, you smell like Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Good nose! She said (Wink) I thanked her in my rather tipsy voice and hugged the very nice stranger and moved to my table.

When I arrived home I started my research and found on Women's Health Magazine that this is true. According the the article, Katherine Zeta Jones is also a doer of this.

So there you are... Give it a go. and Good luck. :-) If it works, Please let me know. It just might motivate me to ask more questions. Hehe.

Thank you LadyX ;-)


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