Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Makeup Trend For 2012

 First let me start this post by wishing all your readers a Wonderful 2012. I do believe that it will be the best year yet. And don't worry... This is not the year that the world will be coming to an end. I still have lots of makeup looks to try and hopefully, you do too.

Now... Lets talk about the Makeup Trends for 2012.
Should there be any?
What is the point?
Why would I have to put away all I have learned in 2011, simply because it is a new year. Well, I agree with you. However, It does feel good to make an effort to want to create something new as the year is new... yknow... Like your own person statement. And what better way to show what your resolutions are that sign them on your face with your makeup look :-))

Oh well...  Lets Begin....

First Look: Red Kiss:  This look is a personal favourite! Talk about starting the year with the intention to "Paint not only the town but the world RED!" Yes... This look speaks volume! A subtle eye with mascara and a punch of colour on your lips will certainly give you that fiesty, edgy start in 2012.

Second Look: Modern Cat-Eye. When I was learning makeup... I intentionally ignored all lessons on "The perfect foundation, and The perfect concealer because those 2 came naturally to me but I struggled to master that art of the perfect eyeliner. So, I spent a long time learning, and learning. Until I became pretty good at it and can manipulate my brush irrespective of the condition of a client's eye lashes. So, here you have the second look. Master it, and make it work for you as it is a style that will always be a great one. You can wear this look to see the Queen if you do it right.

Third Look: Smoking, Smokey Eyes. This look is not just about smoking up your crease... It is also important to make your lower lash-line blended into the upper. Nicely define your eyes with that dark mysterious look. Remember to now go all dark on your face. Keep the rest friendly for that touch of mystery.

Will continue this post soon...

Let me know what you think so far...
Should you have any question or any look you've been trying to make work for you. Let me know and I will be happy to point you in the direction that you desire.


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