Friday, November 18, 2011

Radcollins Summer Makeup Tips

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Since I live in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa, and finally SUMMER has decided to pay us a visit. I have noticed that people have done some serious wardrobe check for summer wears, bikini, and the boots are gradually changing into slippers and I thought, hey, why not offer tips on what I know best? MAKEUP! Yes, here are my Makeup Tips For Summer!!!!!!

Like Ryan Seacrest would say... Dim the lights, Here we GO!

Now is the time for some serious skin protection. Get yourself some skin moisturizers with Sun Protection Factor (SPF). Use this daily to fight spots and fine lines that can appear due to sun exposure, you know... the whole UVA and UVB rays even on less sunny days. Apply your SPF moisturizer to your already cleansed and toned skin and leave it for a couple of minutes to absorb properly before applying your foundation. NOTE: A Tinted Moisturizer is great for summer due to its consistency and if your skin is flawless.

TIP 2: Less is MORE. This is a season when you spend more on moisturizers than makeup (Well... LOL! Makeup TOO). Tinted moisturizer, concealer application just enough for a flawless face, and a good makeup spray mist to blend harsh lines on your face. NOTE: Carry with you a lightweight blot powder for touch ups or even a nice face tissue will be grand. :-)

TIP 3: EYE it! This part is very important. The wrong eyeshadow colour can be really freaky on a summer afternoon. So, we want to go as sultry as possible. Lighter, neutral tones are PERFECT for summer. Those 'lots of' Brow-bone shimmer eyeshadows will have to step back for a bit. Play your eyes more around the lids and shimmers on this area is perfect. Work that mascara, liner, and a neutral tone eyeliner for your water-line to help open up the eyes. Don't forget your eyebrows! Get them professionally groomed, a right shade of brow pencil / powder and always use light strokes to fill them in. NOTE: For the brows: You want to stay in-between. Not too drawn-on, and not too faint is where you want them to be. Nothing screams GORGEOUS that a nicely done eye brows. Always contour with matte shadows.

TIP 4: BRONZERS!!! Now, go EASY here. Remember the sun is doing some parts of the job and you don't want to go "Jersey shore" with your bronzers. All you want here is a nice glow; which isn't necessarily BRONZE in colour. Go to your nearest makeup counter and get a nice matte bronzer that is perfect for your skin tone and apply them on the NEEDED AREAS: Along the top of your Forehead, blending into hair-line, Highest point of cheek-bone, Bridge of your nose blending into forehead, Top Chin.

TIP 5: Seal Up The Look: Waterproofing. The only thing worse than a melting foundation, is a melting FACE. Eeekkk, that can REALLY scare a child. So here are tips for ensuring your makeup is in place. Waterproof mascara or getting your lashes professionally tinted (Why not?), Nice Loose Powder (Very important for when you're going for a wedding or events that keeps you in the Sun for too long.) and a nice face tissue is always good to have. NOTE: I LOVE a face with bronzer only for the beach and MASCARA. You glow without the fuss. :-) NOTE: At the end of the day, you simply want to "Glow" and not "Shine". Think "Healthy Look" when you apply your makeup this season and you'll be amazed at what your hands working together with your mind can achieve.

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  3. Waterproofing is very important as in many parts of the world summer means a lot of sweat,therefore to ensure good make up for long duration it is best to go for this eal.Nice tips here.

  4. Summer makeup tips are given here for your use. Great post



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