Saturday, March 26, 2011

The makeup he wants you to wear on a date

I have promised to come back with updates of the right way to look for a date. Now, I am here to give you the right tips to get him to seal the date and ask for a second, third and fourth!
                            LETS GO........!

                          MAKEUP APPLICATION "DOs"
I enjoy dating but since I don't date anymore (Shhhhh... don't ask why) I still enjoy hearing my friends and clients talk about dating and seeking my professional makeup opinion. Yes! Again, Love it! So, now I'm going to share with you the right looks for going out on that special date, the right products that will give you the all night/day confidence that you need, and you won't have to worry about your makeup.
(1) FOUNDATION:  In my opinion, the first most important part of makeup is the right foundation! I have always been a MAC & Makeup Forever Fan and believe those 2 products have enough range to cater for skins from lightest to darkest skin types. TIPS: Before investing on any makeup product. Go to their nearest makeup counter and get the right shade that works for YOU! It is always wise to start with a Primer/Mattifier as this makeup your makeup stay on without interferring with your skin sebum production.
 (2)EYEBROWS: The second most important part of makeup is the "Eyebrows". This might sound like a cliche but it is true that your brows are the frame of the eyes (If not all your face) and it is extremely important that you get the right eyebrow Colour, and Shape that fits your face. TIPS: Get an eyebrow pencil that is 1 or 2 shades lighter than your natural hair colour as this makes it look less drawn on. Then (Like I normally do) Use an eyebrow powder to set the the applied pencil as this makes it look even more natural. This can be a tricky process as if you over-do it, your brows can look very heavily applied. Remember, Less is more! If you don't have an eyebrow powder, you can also your the right "Matte" powder from your eye shadow pallette and sketch away! :-)
(3)EYESHADOW: A natural look is the absolute way to go when it comes to dating. I always like the natural look because it is all about enhancement and the right natual shades of eyeshdow will give you just that with the illusion on nothing extra and really opens up your eyes for just enough flirting :-) (Love it) TIPS: Use an eyeshadow that is 1 shade lighter than your skin tone to highlight your brow-bone, blend it all the way to your crease until you see that is is well blended and gives you that perfect balance. Use a very close shimmer powder to highlight the tips of your eyes for that extra glow and finish it up with as much mascara as you desire with the attention to avoid creasing.
(4) LIPS: Your lips play a very important roll with your natural look. You can decide for you which lips suits your natural looking eyes. Line your lips with 2 to 3 shades darker than your natural lips colour and add the lip colour of your choice. TIPS: Dap a bit of powder on your lip to give it nice and flowy look as it helps the lipstick sit better. Use a nude lipstick to give your face that all-round natural look. Then when its time for the night-out, give your natural look that edge by using a bright colour lipstick as it brings the attention of to your face and amplifies the makeup. Use a clean tissue paper and clamp your lips together, this helps to avoid the tragic Oops of having a lipstick on your teeth (That can look VERY Bad)
(5)MATTE BRONZER: Now, after all the steps of your perfect makeup look. Finish up with some bronzer to highlight your cheek-bone, jaw, fore-head and T-zone to seal up your makeup and for that extra glow. TIPS: Do not splash your bronzer all over your face as this is just to makeup you sparkle a little bit more but not as shiny as the disco ball. I like to use bronzer as blush as this makes your makeup flow together and accentuate your features.

(6) MY FINAL TIPS: Remember that applying  makeup is like painting like an artist. The right makeup tools are just as important as the makeup itself. Get the right brushes for different use but if you cannot afford all the brushes that you need, I advise that you use your brush from Light shades to Dark shades as this will help you avoid having to clean brushes between applications.

Thank you for reading so far. I hope that you enjoyed reading. Please feel free to add your opinion as I will be happy to hear from you!

Makeup credits goes to some amazing works of some makeup artists online & Brand Thumbs-Ups goes to


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