Monday, January 24, 2011

Sam Fine DVD Basics of Beauty... Why celebrities, makeup artists and working class women love it

After the publishing of his successful book 'Fine Beauty' Celebrity makeup artist "Sam Fine" has done it again... this time, it’s a DVD! His books are great but here is why this DVD is even better.

As a makeup artist myself... I remember when I started my makeup classes and wanted so much so quickly to be a 'Pro' but instead of that I was making up mistakes after mistakes and the list can go on for ever. From bad eyebrows to wrong foundation application, to product that doesn't work, creating a 'Smoky face' instead of a 'Smoky eye' and did I mention contouring? Let's not go there!

I bought so many makeup books with great advices and photographs that can make you wish you could just snap your fingers and have a flawless finish like theirs. But the truth is... Makeup is HAND-ON and Visualisation! The more we See, Feel, and apply the more we know. So, why is this DVD a must have? Why do professional makeup artists all want this DVD? And why is it perfect for everyday professional women who just want to know the 'Basics of Makeup’? I will tell you why.

*This instructional DVD is a Must Have because it guides you through the step by step application process to achieving the PERFECT, PERFECT look! Makeup Guru Sam Fine patiently explained every single step of the way with 3 amazing makeovers. HD, Voice clarity, and using makeup products that you are use to, to create timeless looks. You will never go wrong with this winner!

*Why Professional makeup artists can kill to have this DVD. Yes, we all call ourselves professionals; we understand things about makeup, or whatever our makeup instructors taught us back then in makeup school and the minute we are out... we just want to take on the world, but we soon realise that our products are not working for us! The bronzer is either too shiny, or the foundation changes colour after hours, concealers helping us transform our clients dark circles into racoon eyes! But this instructional DVD offers the right product selection, professional techniques and the right tools so we don't have to be stuck a suitcase of products that we may never use. Makeup artists adore this man as he is very generous with his knowledge of makeup and I can tell you... All makeup artists with this DVD have been receiving praises from all their clients. The look that many artists are dieing to learn is the 'Cookie cutter' clean, perfect sculpted eye that you won’t find on youtube tutorials.

*Why this DVD is great for YOU professional woman who just want to understand the simple 'Basics of makeup'! This DVD is about the right makeup product for you, avoiding the mistakes of makeup, and how you can use your own mind to go from Basic to Amazing!! The even better thing is that he breaks down the art of getting the perfect face so clearly and easily and he shows you how to do it with the products you have and if a particular product is not working for you... He tells you what to do about it! I'm sure your makeup tips from magazines will not do that for you.

If you are a man and are reading this blog, this might just be the perfect Valentines’ day present for the woman in your life... Mother, girlfriend, sister, wife, hell if you are a man and love your makeup... Why the hell not?? It is GREAT! And all you have to do is go to and grab your own copy. If you can't find it on search, I have taken the liberty of creating my own Amazon online store and always have this Winner available for you! Visit:

Now, Get it! Get it!! Get it!!! It will be the best purchase you've ever made!

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