Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sparkles: Radcollins Makeup and Champagne Event


Sorry for such long break! I moved to the Philippines! Will tell you all about this gorgeous place and the beauty industry here in another post. For now... This is what I did in my few weeks here.

One week ago, I hosted a makeup event that I am proud to say that 100% of the proceeds went to a young lady who is Physically and Financially challenged. For me, It was fun all round. I did everything that I enjoyed doing: Drank a glass of champagne, taught women of different ages who to look good for themselves and their loved ones, and donated to charity.

Here are some of the images from the event. This time was cozy, intimate (Eww, get your minds out the gutters!), and a good start of something that I hope to do more of, and hopefully make if bigger and bigger! There shall always be Alcohol... LOL! But most importantly, every person who attends will leave with a boost of         self-confidence, and the ability to wear your own makeup. Every woman present on that day called (the next day) to ask what product I used, All the products I used in my demo, and my model (a 'no-makeup for me' beauty) now wears makeup. This is the power of customising an experience and makeup that suits an individual.

All in all... A successful event.

Feel free to comment on what products I had used, or anything else you might like to share or know.

Look out for many more, with more sparkles in glasses, eyes and face.

Take care now,



Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Get The Look: For Your Inspiration: Favourite Kylie Jenner Makeup Looks

Fresh faced, yet bold. Some may say that she is too young for the strength of her makeup. Allow me to quote Sam Fine - "Makeup is about personality, it's gonna be different from person to person. So, here is Kylie's personality.

What I like about her makeup? It's Bold, yet fresh! There is always an element of innocence about her makeup. I'm sure that's not her aim, but that's what I see. Enjoy...

Cat Eyes Princess - This look is all about the eye! Everything else is minimal. I say, when you want to do soft... Pick 1 Element of Hard. :-)

Non-Alcoholic Champagne!-  Brow focus. This look is essentially about bring your features forward! When you do this, give one feature a harder kick! In this case - The Brow!

Chilling with my girls. Self explanatory. Nothing fussy. Just your signature. Hint: Eyeliner.

 He thinks I'm a good girl - He's Right. Maybe! Bring forward the innocence but don't be a plane jane. I particularly love this look because she is wearing the most beautiful accessory of all - Her Smile! 

These are some of my favourite Kylie faces. Remember, The Kardashian has their Glam Squad so don't beat yourself up when you can't get the EXACT liner . Makeup artists can't even achieve that. #FACT! This post is to inspire your next makeup Fresh-face look. If you're a makeup girl. :-)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Affordable Celebrity Summer Glow: Bronzing Products That Works.

MAC cosmetics Skinsheen

MAC cosmetics skin-sheen is one of the best bronzing products out there. This stain-proof product gives a healthy glow and also conceals minor imperfections. A tip i recommend is - Use with the 8- hour wear Face & Body Foundation in your desired shade, apply to the palms of your hands, and mix with MAC cosmetics Skin Sheen. The result will be a healthy glow, natural looking, long wearing application. Both products are water / sweat resistant so you wont have to worry about the Oops of the rain. I have used these products and tip on a few celebrities when I was in Sub-Sahara Africa and South Africa. Some returned to buy a bottle of their own.

MAC cosmetics Face & Body
These products are affordable. Before you spend hundreds on celebrity bronzing products, visit a MAC shop, and ask one of the artists to try this on you, walk around the mall or streets for a few hours to decide -  if you like it, Get it. :-)

Let me know what you think!

More Summer Bronzing products and tips to follow.


Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hair Tip: How to get rid of greasy hair roots.

Greasy roots? Here is a4a2dd5bf493fa quick easy tip to fix it and not look like a character from "Lost". Hehe, happens to everyone from over spraying, to being in heat from the sun for too long, or that pomade that is just not right.
Grab a fluffy brush or your powder brush, dip it in your powder - I recommend MAC cosmetics Prep & Prime Translucent powder. This is my go-to power. It is unscented, doesn't leave colour (Don't go grey yet), and it's perfect for detexturising. Ok, dip it in your loose powder, and dap to remove excess. Run it along the greasy line - repeat until satisfied. Remember, don't go grey yet. A good, big, fluffy brush is great as the fluffier the brush, the less amount of product is deposits.

Tried it? Let me know what you think.
 Tried it? Let me know what you think.Xoxox


A Quick Word For Artists and Service

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Celebrity Hair Tip: Get Great Looking Hair with Beer

OKAY! So, I went to a bar few nights ago, and around the bar were ladies with great looking hair - Short hair, Long hair, Super long hair, but the scene was crowded with ladies with super long hair. I thought, I gotta ask, I gotta ask. Because I can be pretty shy around people and mostly just smile to smiley people (LOL). I was able to attract a "Very smiley face" and I thought YES! This is it.

I'm gonna call her 'Lady X' because I did not even ask for her name. Naughty ME!

I walked up to LadyX and her friends and wispered in a pretty high tone due to the loud music. This is how it went...

Radcollins: I LOVE your hair! How do you keep your hair looking So GOOD?

LadyX: Oh, you're so sweet! Its Beer!

We: both laughed, and I replied, Yea, the beer I know gives long belly.

LadyX: laughed and said, honey, I don't drink beer. I'm a cocktail girl. I condition my hair with Beer. I soak my hair in a cup of beer, I cover it up for about 15 minutes, and then rinse off. It works!

Radcollins: In surprise, I asked, - How did you find out about this tip? Surely you must smell like beer, which is a smell that guys appreciate in themselves only. LOL!

LadyX: A friend of mine taught me when I was in college, she replied-  and I have kept this tradition ever since. PS: I did it before I left home tonight. Do I smell like beer? I said No, you smell like Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Good nose! She said (Wink) I thanked her in my rather tipsy voice and hugged the very nice stranger and moved to my table.

When I arrived home I started my research and found on Women's Health Magazine that this is true. According the the article, Katherine Zeta Jones is also a doer of this.

So there you are... Give it a go. and Good luck. :-) If it works, Please let me know. It just might motivate me to ask more questions. Hehe.

Thank you LadyX ;-)


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Makeup Tip: How to Perfect the art of Highlighting and Contouring

Hello there.

2 hours ago about some of the challenges that costumers have expressed to me during my MAC cosmetics days. How clients struggle with highlighting and contouring. Many wanted to purchase highlighting pen (Prep & Prime Hightlighter) as well as Bronzer but were discouraged because they doubted their ability to achieve professional results. It was tough, but now, I want to help! So, Lets go through this quickly and effectively. :-)

1. Do not attempt the makeup artist technique. I can tell you this, ALL makeup artitsts have different methods of which they achieve a desired look.

2. Be patient. It takes time, but you will do it.

3. Your Bronzer shouldn't be as dark as the pretty lady on the left. See her face as a chart and direction. The amount of makeup that you apply will be completely up to you, and how you like to look. Not everyone want to look like Kim Kardashian (She is pretty, admittedly)

NOW, the Tips.

Go to a makeup counter and ask the Artist for highlighter that will boost your complexion and make your face stand out. Remember, baby steps. You do not want a Nicole Kidman Highlighter if you have an Oprah skin tone. Bronzer: The same commandment applies. You do not want Oprah's Contour (Bronzer) shade if you have Nicole Kidman skin tone. Close your eyes, and imagine the image. Sigh... Not good! Trust me, contouring and highlighting is like getting a tattoo... Your desire for more will increse but you have to start small.

- Pay attention to the brush. I suggest you ask the makeup artist to use a Recommended brush because makeup artists tend to use (Own favourites), and that makes things complicated for the client that is not a makeup professional. Then, thank the artist and walk around for a few minutes before you buy. DO NOT BE PRESSURED INTO INSTANT PURCHASE. Leave that to me... I am still paying the price. LOL! If you like what you see (even ask a makeup artist at a counter of similar or higher quality for their opinion. IF YOU LIKE), we makeup artists are usually blunt and egotistical... You can use that to your advantage :-), then get it... Go home, before going out... Practice. Even makeup artists "Practice and Wash" at home. Use the image above as "Placement guide".

Now its time for Blending...

I suggest you use the MAC cosmetics #130 Duo Fiber Brush (It's my favourite) The makeup artist that attends to you might suggest otherwise.  GO FROM LIGHT TO DARK. "Coffee will stain your white dress.". Lastly, make sure you are comfortable with the brush. The confidence you have in your brush will help you immensely.

MY Favs for Highlighting:
MAC Prep & Prime Highlighting Pen in Light Boost (Works for Medium light to Light skin tone)
MAC cosmetics Mineralised Skin Finish Natural in Give me Sun or Dark.

For Brown Skin
MAC Prep & Prime Highlighting Pen in Peach Lustre
MAC cosmetics Mineralised Skin Finish Natural in Sun Power - or Matchmaster (8.5), This is
according your skin stone.

I hope that this helps. Give it a try. and May the Odds forever be in your favour. :-)

Are you a makeup artist? Be a dear, and share you tips and or other products that you have tried and worked well for ya. ;-)



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